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A few steps needed to take to ensure security of your wordpress blog. Today I’m gonna to tell you about a wordpress security plugin which’ll make your wordpress blog secure from being hacked. The name of this plugin is “Better WP security”. Bit51 is a security company which is launched it. To use it, your wordpress version must be above or equal to 3.4.2 . It’s a better one to make secure effectively of your wordpress blog. You can do it within a few minutes. Just install the plugin from the menu “Plugins” of your wordpress dashboard. Some more plugins here…

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  1. This plugin protects your .htaccess file of your blog or site.
  1. Normally, wp_ is the prefix of a wordpress site but you can change as your wish using this plugin. [ N.B : You should not make this change if you don’t know about database well ]
  1. If you are a not administrative user, you may be shown random version of wordpress.
  1. It deletes login error messages from wordpress.
  1. It can change wp_content directory name.
  1. It can change the graphics of wordpress database table.
  1. User ID is changed from ordinal number to 1.
  1. It can delete admin account of your blog or site.
  1. It irrages RSD header informations.
  1. It irrages also header informaitons of Windows live writer.
  1. It replaces theme and plugin notification updates in another place so so that these may be shown only by admin.
  1. It has away mode feature.
  2. It can change URL string of your blogs dashboard url, login url and others.
  1. It deletes meta generator tags.
  1. Update notifications are only shown by main admin.
  1. It helps to increase security of your blog password.
  1. It scans your site to fix vernability.
  1. It blocks bad users.
  1. It increases security of the server.
  1. It starts SSL for your admin page.
  1. It makes disable of your admin editing option.
  1. It can detect and fix 404 errors of your site.
  1. It works multiple sites alonging with single sites.

Find “Plugins” from the wordpress dashboard and click on “Add new” to find a new plugin. Type “Better WP Security” on the typing field and press on enter. Choose the wordpress security plugin and click on “Install” to start installing process. After installation click on “Activate” to start its security service.
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