Essential primary plugins of Wordpress

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When a new blog or site is created in wordpress, some essential developed wordpress plugins are needed to install in the first step. Default plugins are not able to work properly so you need to develop wordpress plugin. But it is a matter of joy that you don’t need to develop wordpress plugin because here you’ll find these already developed. It may be unknown to the new bloggers. So if you are going to create a blog on wordpress, do it as a first step and your second step would be to install these developed wordpress plugins. Today I’m gonna talk about these primary but important plugins. Let’s start…

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Akismate is the most important and primary plugin for wordpress blog. Numerious bloggers and webmasters use this plugin to protect from spam commenting in their wordpress blog. It’s free and anybody can use it. Actually, it is installed by default in wordpress, just you’ve to activate the plugin.

WordPress SEO by Yoast is the most popular plugin at this time which is used by almost all the bloggers or webmasters. You will be able to increase your SEO score easily by this plugin. As a result, you’ll get more visitors from search engines. It is usefull for both off-page and on-page SEO. By this plugin, you can setup meta title, meta description and focusing keyword for every pages and every posts what is very usefull for on-page SEO.

Broken links make bad effect on SEO of a blog. Broken links create obstacles to be the blog user friendly. So you’ve to delete all the broken links of your site to make it user friendly to increase visitors. If you want to do manually, you’ll face a lot of problems. To avoid this problems you can use this plugin. Broken link checker will check your broken links automatically so that you can edit or delete these links.

You must have to observe stats of your blog to increase traffic. For that, Google Analytics is a very popular and effective way to know details about your blog visitors. Install this plugin in your blog and configure it by your site code from the Google Analytics account. Here you should mind that you’ve to do this if and only if you’re a user of free theme. If your theme is paid, you’ve to follow a different way. In free themes, you’ve to place the analytics code in header or footer code option. I’ll recommended you to place the codes in footer code options. For this, your blog loading time won’t be affected.

WP-DB Backup is a primary and important plugin for your wordpress blog which will backup your blog database. Accidently, if your blog is hacked or the server is down, your database will be needed. So, you should backup your database always.

You should ensure your blog security after installation. To protect your blog from being hacked you need to take some steps. In this case, one of step is installing a security plugin named Limit Login Attempts. This plugin keeps your blog more secure.

Social Networking is very important to increase your site visitors. In a wordpress blog you can share easily your blog posts and images using this plugin. It’s a very user friendly plugin.

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